Ultraflow 3000
The new permanent/ fixed clamp on Flow metersfrom Micronics are for simple & accurate measurement from outside the pipe. It is compact, rugged & reliable and has been designed to provide sustained performance in industrial environments.

Ultraflow 4000
Widely used for Hot Water Metering , Chilled Water Metering & Flow Measurement, Potable Water Metering, Process Metering, Ultrapure Water Measurement, Heavy Fuel Oil Metering, Condensate Measurement.

Features – Ultraflow 3000
* DSP Measurement technique.
* Reynolds Number Correction
* Easy to install
* Simple to follow programming menu
* Clamp-on sensors

Features – Ultraflow 4000
* Accuracy: 1% or ±0.02 m/s whichever is the greater Specification assumes turbulent flow profile with Reynolds numbers above 4000.
* Repeatability: ± 0.5% with unchanged transducer position.
* Pipe Materials: Any sonic conducting medium such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, UPVC, PVDF.