In this Pandemic of COVID-19 Iotaflow brings to you a very essential product for the medical equipments that is “Gas Flow Sensor”. The TMM-1500 flow sensor uses the thermodynamic principle to detect flow rate of the gas medium in the flow channel with good precision and repeatability. Temperature sensors are built-in and every one product is calibrated for temperature compensation. At the same time, it linear analog voltage output, convenient to use.


* Latest MEMS Sensor chip technology
* High accuracy, quick response, good repeatability
* Detection micro flow accurately
* It is calibrated completely and temperature compensated
* Solid-state sensing core (no surface void or fragile membrane),anti-blocking and pressure shock
* Analog output (1 to 5 V) (I2C output is also available)
* Fast response time (20ms response time)

* Ventilator, oxygen machine, Gas mask and respirator, Sprayer, Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP)
device, Anesthesia delivery, Leak detection, spectrometer, Mass flow controller, Environmental climate control,
Fuel cell control etc…