Rotary Positive Displacement Meters known as also RPD Meters: Rotary Meters are highly machined precision instruments capable of handling higher volumes and pressures than diaphragm meters. Within the meter, two figures “8” shaped lobes, the rotors(also known as impellers or pistons), spin in precise alignment. With each turn, they move a specific quantity of gas through the meter. The rotational movement of the crank shaft serves as a primary flow element and may produce electrical pulses for a flow computer or may drive an odometer-like counter.

* Flow rate: from 0.25 m³/h to 1000 m³/h
* DN40 to DN150 mm
* Flanging: ISO PN10 to ISO PN110, ANSI 125 to ANSI 600
* Equipped as standard with the Cyble™ target