Keeping the Indian tradition of frugal invention alive, IOTAFLOW introduces a water meter which addresses a long standing problem of sand coming with raw water – a real headache for maintenance team.
Sand coming with water is enemy of moving parts in Woltman Water Meters. Here we provide you a provide a water meter which is not only without any moving parts it is economically as well almost in the price of Woltman Water Meter.
This flow meter also helps you to measure DM water, Hot water here Electromagnetic flow meter face problems. We can offer these water meters with MS / CI / SS304 / SS316 body material to make it most versatile flow meter and you can use it for raw water, Treated water, DM water, Hot Water.

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• Independent of power failure and power off
• Independent of water pollution level (filters not required)
• No pressure loss in pipe line
• High stability of measurement
• Electronic unit Positioned directly on Spoolpiece
• Lcd on / off button for battery charge saving
• Additional options: Archives, Galvanic Isolation for Pulse Output, Lcd backlight, Cable Gland for Pulse Output
• Easy Commissioning