The Oval Gear Flow meter is a kind of Positive Displacement Flow meter. As the fluid being measured passes through the meter, it rotates 2 oval gears in measuring cavity to displace a precise volume of fluid. A sensor detects the gear rotation to determine displaced volume and flow rate.

* Only Two Moving Parts,
* Higher Accuracy, 0.5% or 0.2%.
* Standard Viscosity up to 5,000 cP (Centipoises =m Pa.s),
* Size of wide flow ranges 0.04-340 M3/h ,
* Body available Cast Iron, Cast Steel, and Stainless Steel,
* With LCD Display, Transmitter, MCU Flow process controller option.

Oval gear flow meter is mainly used for high value liquids such as oil, chemical etc. Main applications include unloading, transfer and consumption monitoring.